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Kyana is the next-generation autonomous wellness mobile room. It offers a unique experience where you can engage in various activities freely during your commute, including relaxing in a sauna, meditating, practicing yoga, and running. Kyana represents a new way of life, providing people with the opportunity to prioritize their mental and physical health and to spend more quality time with themselves and their loved ones.


Compared to normal cars with constrained interior space and oversized recreational vehicles, what we really need for future life is a mobile room, smaller in size with unique features tailored for daily use.


The vehicle is divided into three zones: the play zone, where you can exercise, relax, or meditate; the sauna zone, which can accommodate four people for sauna sessions; and the open & shower zone, designed for bathing and enjoying fresh air. The exterior is wrapped in preserved wood, creating a natural ambiance. The vehicle's glass features smart-tinting technology, allowing it to change transparency. The opening can be completely closed when you are bathing or when Kyana is moving at high speeds.

#Transportation Design



the Next-gen Autonomous Wellness Mobile Room

Jin Ye

Hi, I'm Jin. Currently I'm designing a better life.

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