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Programmed Tai Chi Exercise 

Family members of Dementia patients often face a variety of emotional issues and family conflicts that can lead to stress on both sides. Implementing a synergistic approach to exercise can help alleviate trust issues, improve the physical fitness of the elderly, and improve their cognitive abilities and emotionalization. 

It provides new activity options for dementia patients, utilizing modern information media mediums and allowing family members or caregivers to be the leaders of their regular exercise. Exercise is carried out in a collaborative model to ensure the safety of older users and the effectiveness of fitness activities. I dismantle Tai Chi activities and target different parts of the body: Tai Chi programmed patterns can be repeatedly memorized by patients to enhance brain power; enhanced lower limb training to prevent falls on a daily basis while avoiding other accidents and so on. Promote tai chi activities among patient groups, and promote tai chi products to rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and other public places to enhance design communication and emotional development among patient groups.

In summary, this is a program consisting of two parts: the modeling part and the Tai Chi activities specially designed for dementia. On this stand, patients can efficiently carry out Tai Chi exercise activities by borrowing the assistive multiple armrests and a wide range of Tai Chi instructional and practice videos accurately categorized in real-time video images. The stand can be used in multi-functional scenarios at home and in public, helping to achieve the goals of improving the physical health of people with dementia and reducing their emotional instability and conflicts between intimate relationships.


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An Exercise Aid Designed to Help Manage Health and Relief of Dementia Progress

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