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Our smartphones constantly fracture our focus and hijack our attention. Despite many of us trying to control our smartphone usage, reports indicate that less than half succeed. How can we disrupt the hold that smartphones have on our mental resources? What would a more attention- and focus-friendly smartphone experience entail? After extensive research into scrolling behaviors, consultations with smartphone addiction scholars, behavior designers, and addiction counselors, I developed "FilterNotes." 


This tool comprises sets of paper-based templates that easily attach to smartphone screens. They selectively expose touchpoints for essential smartphone functions like alarms, searches, and phone calls, while blocking other visual distraction. The filters come in in three colors, corresponding to different functionalities: Essentials, Organization, and Entertainment, tailored for specific daily needs to help users interact with their devices more intentionally. Each filter features a membrane on the back that provides sufficient adhesion to smoothly attach and remove without leaving residue on the smartphone screen. The combination magnetic holder and phone case provides portable storage for three filters, allowing the user to customize them based on their needs.




A set of screen ‘filters’ designed to minimize smartphone distractions and promote mindful smartphone use.

Mallory Huang

Hi, I'm Mallory, a designer exploring the intersection of the physical and the psychological.

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