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Nourish Nest

According to my research, NYC’s restaurants have produce over 3 billion tons of food waste each year, and in fact over half of these food waste are considered edible. Food rescue has become a popular form of activity that gathers excess food from those restaurants and redirects them to people who struggle with food insecurity.

This thesis investigates a system that prompts restaurants to give away their extra food to campus students who are in need in NYC. It aims to collect the excess food that would otherwise go to waste from NYC’s restaurants and deliver that excess to students by engaging and cooperating with the school pantry system.

The design outcome is a sustainable food repurposing system together with designed food packaging that addresses student needs (truly real needs) and their life style.




A Food Distribution System Repurposing Excess Food from NYC Restaurants to Needy Students

Xiaoyu Iris Guo

Hello! I'm Iris. I am a Chinese product designer and currently based in New York.

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