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Beam: An Insect-Friendly Outdoor Lighting

“Beam" is a lighting solution crafted to combat light pollution while championing insect-friendly environments and fostering harmony between humans and nature. Through heightened ecological awareness, this design aims to diminish the adverse effects of artificial light on wildlife, ecosystems, and human health, recognizing the vital role of insects as pollinators. By employing innovative approaches such as overlaying light and light color mixing, and prioritizing considerations such as insect behavior, light wavelengths, and spatial distribution, Beam signifies a profound stride towards a more sustainable and balanced coexistence between humans and the environment.




It is outdoor lighting designed to minimize light pollution and promote insect-friendly environments, ensuring harmony between humans and nature.

Hsiao-Chien Hung

I am Hsiao-Chien Hung. As a designer, I'm all about blending simplicity with a spark of creativity, crafting pieces that seamlessly marry function and style for everyday elegance.

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