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Wild Cube

In today's urbanized world, the disconnect between children and nature is growing, leading to a phenomenon known as "nature-deficit disorder." My thesis project introduces an innovative solution: a set of toy connectors designed to bridge this gap. These connectors empower children to engage with their environment by allowing them to combine natural elements like branches, leaves, and stones to create imaginative shapes and structures. This project is not just about play; it's a tool for environmental education and creativity, encouraging urban kids to explore and appreciate the outdoors. By providing a tangible connection to nature, I aim to enhance children's physical and mental well-being, fostering a generation that values and protects its natural surroundings. 




A set of connectors to encourage kids interact with nature

(Xinyi) Chang

I’m Clementine Chang. I design to blend functionality with fun, turning everyday items into delightful experiences!

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