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Community Threads

My year-long ethnographic study within the community revealed that the well-being of older Chinese Americans could be enhanced by a robust support system that facilitates three key types of connections: social ties within the community and the wider society, engagement with one’s cultural practices and values, equitable access to resources and services.

To promote engagement and strengthen community ties among older adults, the project included a series of thoughtfully designed workshops. These sessions not only facilitated open discussions on various aspects of aging, but also enhanced participants’ social and emotional well-being.


In addition, a daily tear-off calendar inspired by traditional Asian calendars was designed to extend these dialogues and interactions into daily routines. This calendar includes prompts for social interaction, wellness, as well as information on health and community resources. It encourages seniors to stay connected and informed every day, building a stronger support system and fostering ongoing community engagement.




Enhancing the Wellbeing of Older Chinese Americans through Design and Dialogue

Yuzhou Cen

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