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Sofreh Supperclub

Extensive research has revealed that individuals from the Iraqi-American diaspora find a deep sense of connection through shared spaces and culinary experiences. My thesis project aims to cultivate a profound sense of belonging within the community. To achieve this, I have developed the Sofreh Supperclub kit, a tool that blends tradition and modernity to empower Iraqis of diverse generational and ethnoreligious backgrounds to effortlessly host contemporary reinterpretations of traditional Iraqi dining experiences, fostering a vibrant sense of community and cultural pride. The central concept revolves around a host equipped with this kit featuring Iraqi-inspired and made tableware, a palm-woven bread basket, as well as a handmade tablecloth known as a ‘sofreh.’ 




Fostering Belonging Through Communal Dining

Zahra'a Nasralla

Marhaba! I’m Zahra’a Nasralla, a second-generation Iraqi-American designer.

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