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The Portable Library

The goal of the Portable Library is to reach gap and underserved communities with library resources, particularly in the situation of a library branch closure. During these events, neighborhoods can lose vital services — not just access to books — but myriad other tools and programs that can greatly impact a local community.

By conducting thorough ethnographic and observational research at the Brooklyn Public Library, I identified an opportunity for an effective model of service: setting up pop up libraries within community centers.

The solution I have designed is a system of modular furniture that allows librarians to provide curated services for a community they work for. By combining furniture modules like a chair, a table, and a bookcase, librarians are able to engage in an act of placemaking that allows them to adapt a community space to their needs whether that be sharing collection materials, offering workshops, or providing open spaces for patrons and their children to interact.




Engaging Underserved Communities in their Neighborhoods

Matthew Quejada

Hi! I'm Matt. I design at the intersection of the analytical and the creative.

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