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 ECLIPLORE is a multi-functional tableware set, which contains three different-sized bowls. Each container comes with a lid that turns the tableware into a food storage container that can be used to refrigerate leftovers directly after a meal. It can also be removed and used as a dinner plate. The lids are made of wood, so the large wood piece can also be used as a chopping board for simple food, and the small wood pieces can be used as posters. The shapes of each piece fit together so that the user can assemble them like a puzzle, serving one person's food in a dignified way, and interacting with the cutlery. The shape of the tableware itself makes it easy for the user to clean and sort the food. 


#Kitchen tools


 Kitchen Products Designed to Enhance the Dining and Cooking Experience for People Who Live or Eat Alone

Peiyan (Amanda) Yuan

Hi, I'm Peiyan Yuan, you can also call me Amanda. I'm an industrial designer who is passionate about making life more colorful and fun.

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