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This an imaginative oasis nestled within the airport terminal’s confines. Encased in a sturdy aluminum frame, this dynamic installation boasts stretchable rubber belts that mimic the motion of conveyor belts, offering a unique play experience. Children of all ages revel in the sensation of flight as they hop, skip, and glide along the belts, their laughter echoing through the space. Meanwhile, parents unwind on nearby benches, relishing the sight of their little ones’ joyful exploration. With its innovative design and engaging atmosphere, This design transforms the airport into a realm of excitement and wonder, turning mundane wait times into cherished memories for families and travelers alike. Interactive art installations and shaded seating areas provide moments of relaxation. It’s a joyful reminder that every journey can be an adventure.


#public installation


Helping Passengers with boredom while waiting at airports

Yihong(Hugo) Li

Hi, I'm Hugo

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