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Resilience Strategy

Research claims that low-frequency vibration therapy reduces stress and calms by improving blood flow. The experts involved in this project include Lisa Orloff from World Cares Center, Douglas Copp, Flushing Fire House, and firefighters from Taiwan. Through primary and secondary research, three key design points were identified as essential for firefighters: the professional and heroic image of firefighters, their unique job responsibilities and routines, and ergonomic compatibility. Navy blue, which is the representative color and uniform color of New York firefighters, has been chosen for the vest design to align with their current practices and integrate into their daily professional life. Considering cleaning, charging, and maintenance, the vibration panel can be easily removed and placed into a pouch-style pocket. This vibration panel has undergone multiple user tests.”

#First Responders


#Vibroacoustic Therapy

A Vibroacoustic Therapy Vest for Firefighters' Stress Reduction

(Sean) Lin

The core of my designs revolves around my life experiences and the things close to my heart. It is my aspiration that my creations can impact me deeply before resonating with others.

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