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All Dogs Go to Heaven

 All Dogs Go To Heaven is an exploration of grief mitigation tactics in dog owners who have lost their pets. This project, which started as an ode to Charlotte's late childhood pet Rocki, has become a multi-faceted service to help ease the inevitability of pet death. Through a website called PupCycle, pet owners are encouraged to ease their own grief through three distinct features: a detailed grief guide that tackles some of the hardest topics surrounding pet death, an upcycling service to give a pet's no-longer-needed items a new home, and a curated marketplace from which owners can source goods of their choosing to memorialize their deceased furry companions. #Pupcycle #RenewRecycleRemember




An Exploration of Grief Mitigation in Pet Owners

Charlotte Reiter

Hello! Glad you're here. I'm an industrial designer who hails from the great state of Maine! I am passionate about all things art and design, but my biggest love is our four-legged friends 🐕 🐩 .

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