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With the rapid development of e-commerce. Express packaging waste is becoming a serious social problem. The impact of environmental pollution and resource waste caused by waste express packaging on our living environment has become more and more serious. My topic aims to change that.

Reverse-box is a carton design based on optimized express REVERSE logistics. Through the innovation of the traditional carton structure, it realizes the functions of fast assembly, no tape and reusable. By utilizing this new express packaging, express delivery companies can make the entire industry more sustainable on the basis of better business efficiency.


 #Reverse Logistic

#No Tape Design


Yiyu(Neil) Cui

I am Yiyu Cui, MID student. I have a background in industrial design and computer graphics design. I am a designer who focuses on exploring the combination of design and business. I hope the products I designed can satisfy both the market and the users.

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